Hill Country Secrets is a series of romantic suspense novels centered around secrets harbored in Schatzenburg, Texas, a small Texas Hill Country town. In the tight-knit community, where news is shared at The Drugstore, secrets are buried, never discussed, but have a way of causing trouble.

In addition to Finding Claire and Finding Kate, I’ve released short stories related to the characters in the series and the town. Often, I’ll references theses stories in the novels.

  • The Wrong Path – A romantic short story about DJ and Becca.
  • Just a Friend – A short story that relates to characters in book 2. It doesn’t give away anything but will add depth to the back story.
  • The Set-Up – A short story spotlighting the friendship Alex shares with DJ and Becca.
  • The Surprise – A romantic short story about Beth and Patrick, characters introduced in book two.