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There’s no limit on love!

What reviewers are saying:

“You won’t be able to put it down until you are finished.”

It is one of the most touching, heartrending, and satisfying stories I’ve had the blessing to read.”

This one really tugged at my heart.

Are death and a 48-year separation enough to extinguish the flame of a first love?

When Charlie comes face to face with the man she thought died almost fifty years ago, she’s flooded with memories and regret. Would he ever be able to forgive her?

Mark knew his wife had the marriage annulled and moved on with her life. But he never knew why. When he meets her again after so many years, he learns he has a son … and grandkids.

Getting reacquainted sparks the same old feelings, but they aren’t young anymore. Facing a life-threatening diagnosis, he can’t offer more than friendship, but his heart won’t let him stay away.

A freak San Antonio snowstorm will change everything.