Remember as a kid (or maybe as an adult) when you learned to swing without being pushed?

The hardest part was at the beginning. You’d inch back to get a little momentum, then swing forward, legs out. At the furthest point forward, you buckled down, tucked your feet back, and pulled. With each iteration, you gained speed and height.

When you reached full swing, all the initial hard work paid off as you felt the wind in your face, like you were flying through the air. Over and over again.

I love that feeling.

This year I’m trying something new. I committed to write every day, at least 300 words. I anticipate that all year will feel like I’m pumping my legs, out and back, trying to get that swing into motion.

Maybe some of those words will be woven into more frequent blog posts. Some (Lots actually!) will go into books two and three of the Hill Country Secrets series. It’s going to be an exciting year.

I’ve logged words every single day so far. Feel free to ask me about my adventure. If someone gave you a ticket to do something every single day, even for just ten minutes, what would it be?

Happy New Year!