Expected Release: Summer 2018

Serendipity brings them together, but her past threatens to keep them apart.

Thirty-three and single, Detective Ben Torres hasn’t met the right woman. When a chance encounter puts him face to face with a bombshell who makes him feel out of control, he decides she’s trouble. He ensures her safety as best he can, then walks away. But some women are impossible to forget.

Marisa Ramirez, a twenty-five-year-old realtor, is trying to escape an abusive relationship and make sure her much-older boyfriend pays for his crimes. Once he’s arrested and out of her life, she struggles with her insecurities when the detective makes his interest clear.

Ben wants her to trust him and let him help her. Marisa wants someone to love her, without assigning her a role to play.

Her stalker wants what isn’t his, putting both Marisa and Ben at risk.