What happens when you can’t say goodbye?

As a reader, have you ever reached the end of the book and hesitated to close the back cover, not ready to say goodbye to the characters in the story? I’d love to hear what books have provoked this reaction. What do you do?

That happened to me writing my romantic suspense novel, Finding Claire. It started as a seed of a plot idea as I drove through the Texas Hill Country. The thought, Someone could get lost out here, burrowed into my imagination and blossomed into a plot. At first, I struggled with creating the right characters. Alex came into focus once I had his name, Alejandro Ramirez. Rainy took shape as I wrote her scenes. After hours and hours with these and the other characters, I was nowhere near ready to say goodbye to them when a solid draft of Finding Claire was finished.

What happens when you can’t say goodbye to your characters?

My solution: the Hill Country Secrets series was born. While Finding Claire was with beta readers, I penned what I thought would be the second book in the series and a novella. I considered putting the novella out as an extra, but there were plot holes to be fixed. As I remedied what was broken, added description, and learned more about my secondary characters, that novella morphed into a full novel, with letters for the background story, a little more romance, and a dose of danger and suspense. It became Book Two. And I am happy to announce that the novella-turned-book-two finally has a title and a release date.

Finding Kate
Release Day: July 24, 2017


You sure?
Alrighty then.

One lapse in judgement can ruin forever.
Finding Kate
Hill Country Secrets, Book Two


Time doesn’t heal all wounds, but it sometimes delays retribution.

After learning she was kidnapped as a child, Kate is eager to move to Texas. Alex—excited about their newly budding relationship—suggests a road trip to Denver to pack up her apartment. When her story hits the 24-hour news cycle, long-kept secrets threaten Kate and Alex’s happily-ever-after and their lives.

Kate wants to start over in the house her mother loved. Alex wants time for the relationship to deepen, but when the unthinkable happens, he realizes love rarely shows up alone.

In a hunt to find Kate, Alex lands at her laptop, searching. Can he keep her alive? Can he keep her at all?

For those wondering what happened to the book I thought would be book two, it is in revisions. Book Three will be released later this year.

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