Review: When the Timer Dings

Katharine Grubb, author of Write a Novel in 10 Minutes a Day, released a new book. Here’s my review of When The Timer Dings:: Organizing Your Life To Make The Most of 10 Minute Increments.

Schedules and I have a love/hate relationship. I appreciated this book because it wasn’t a how-to book or a do-it-this-way book. It focused on different facets of organizing. The chapter titles give a taste of what you’ll read about:
Organizing Your Foundational Truth
Organizing Your Attitudes
Organizing Your People
Organizing Your Time
Organizing Your Habits
Organizing Your Stuff
Organizing Your Tools
Organizing Your Margins
Organizing Your Fails
It’s not a book you’ll toss aside discouraged because you can’t make her system work. The book is encouraging and prompts you to look at your own motivations. I recommend this book.

You can order the book on Amazon.

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