Free Short Stories

I enjoy writing short fiction from time to time. Here are some I’ve written in the past.

  • Could Be – Lisa comes home from work like any other day, except instead of her front door, there are two. Two doors, but only one chance to get it right.
  • The Attic – Gavin answers an ad to clean out an attic. The woman who answers the door welcomes him in but warns him that what’s inside the attic will change his life.
  • Mismatched – Kent decides what he’s willing to live without to be with the woman he loves.
  • Fridays at 3 – What’s really going on with Lily on Fridays at 3:00? Nathan has his suspicions.

New stories are sent out to newsletter subscribers and members of my inner circle, then I will post them on the blog. Look for Fiction Fridays.

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