Finding Schatzenburg

For me, there is something captivating about the landscape of the Texas Hill Country. The lush greens and vivid colors contrasted against the sharp edges and cold grey of the limestone make for a rugged yet beautiful place. It was this place that inspired the first ideas of Finding Claire and the series.

As a kid, I remember watching Mr. Rogers when they’d focus on the picture frame and we’d be transported into the land of make-believe. The characters were familiar, but the story changed a little each time. Books are the lands of make-believe that we never out-grow.

I’m working on a project that will give a better picture of Schatzenburg. Until then, enjoy these tidbits about the community,┬áthe tiny make-believe town at the heart of the Hill Country Secrets series.

Four buildings form the “downtown” of Schatzenburg. At the corner of Main and First sits the church, a bed & breakfast, a post office, and The Drugstore.


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    1. My son helped me make up the town name. He speaks a little bit of German. Combining treasure and castle seemed perfect for the special town I wanted to create.

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