Making Your Own Sunshine

Saturday morning, the sky was gray. It was too warm for November, and misty rain hung in the air, frizzing hair and adding a heaviness to the already gloomy day.

Once I wrangled myself out of bed, I texted a friend. We met up and spent the day shopping. We started at the Boerne Homemade Market, and she showed some great places in Boerne: Vintage on Main, Cielo, and The Dienger.

In one of the shops was a small bag that said “Sometimes you have to make your own sunshine.” I think that perfectly summed up the day.

I bought a few things. The star looks great above my fireplace, and that framed tin will be a fun addition to my craft room.

By the afternoon, we saw glimpses of the sun, and the rain moved on. That night, my sweetheart and I went dancing. It was an all-around great day.

Y’all, there is so much to be said for making your own sunshine. Grab a friend and find a place you love. San Antonio is full of wonderful spaces to enjoy. Or, if your friend is busy, grab a book. I can give you a few suggestions.

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