10MinCon – Reason Ten you should go

How long have you been writing? Is it a hobby? A part-time job? A full-time job? A dream? Do you want more from your writing? What is your goal for the year?

Imagine three days immersed in the writing community—three days set aside for improving your craft, building community, making connections. Sound interesting?

For the next ten days, leading up to the registration deadline [JULY 15], I’ll be spotlighting reasons to attend the first-ever 10MinCon. (Disclaimer: Reasons are not necessarily in order of importance.)

Reason TEN –

A real snack table! For one weekend, we can skip over the virtual food and partake of tangible snacks, boxed lunches, free made-to-order breakfast (if you are staying at the Embassy Suites), and maybe even adult beverages during Happy Hour.

What snacks will you bring?

Check back tomorrow for another reason to come to 10MinCon. If you have any questions, click the link or shoot me a message.


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