10MinCon – Reasons EIGHT & NINE you should go

Somehow Saturday swallowed time. So, today. I’m giving you TWO reasons to go to 10MinCon.

Reason TEN was the snack table (and other fun eating and drinking opportunities), but today I’m turning my attention away from food.

Reason NINE – Focusing on one WIP for a weekend. If you are like me (and thankfully, not everyone is) you have multiple stories playing in your head and multiple WIPs. One thing I’m looking forward to about the conference is choosing only one WIP as the focus that weekend. While the skills I learned will permeate all my writing, I’m excited to give one WIP undivided attention.

And that leads me to Reason EIGHT – Being immersed in writing. I’m looking forward to being around writers, talking about writing, and learning to make my writing better. Writing can be solitary; this is the opportunity to make connections within that community. If you are more of an introvert and the idea of talking to people face to face makes your palms sweat, have no fear. You can hang around and just listen to other conversations or come find me.

Convinced yet? Come back tomorrow to read about Reason SEVEN.

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