10MinCon – Reason SIX you should go

It’s Tuesday. You know what that means? Tomorrow is Wednesday, AND it’s time for Reason SIX.

Just to sum up:

Reason TEN – real snacks

Reason NINE – Focusing on one WIP (work in progress)

Reason EIGHT – Being immersed in writing

Reason SEVEN – meeting Katharine Grubb, the one who started the group 10MinuteNovelist.


And the reason you’ve been waiting for since last night …

Reason SIX you should go to 10MinCon … Getting to hear from James Scott Bell. James will be giving the keynote address on Thursday, August 9. Here’s a blog post that talks more about Mr. Bell.

Tick tock! July 15th is the deadline to register. Check out 10MinCon for more info!

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