Reasons Five, Four, Three, Two, & One You Should go to 10MinCon

I owe you reasons…

In review:

Reason TEN – real snacks

Reason NINE – Focusing on one WIP (work in progress)

Reason EIGHT – Being immersed in writing

Reason SEVEN – meeting Katharine Grubb, the one who started the group 10MinuteNovelist.

Reason SIX – James Scott Bell

Reason FIVE you should go to 10MinCon – Janice Hardy. She will be speaking on PLANNING YOUR NOVEL IN TEN EASY STEPS. Who wouldn’t want 10 surefire steps to planning a bestseller? This alone is a VERY GOOD REASON.

Reason FOUR you should go to 10MinCon – Spending three sessions hearing Donald Maass talk about FIRE IN FICTION. Discussing how to make a book great, he will lead a workshop, an intensive, hands-on workshop for advanced fiction writers.

Reason THREE you should go to 10MinCon – Get to hear from professional editors, Sarah Wright and Rachelle M. N. Shaw, about how we can make those first pages stand out.

Reason TWO you should go to 10MinCon – Get to meet other writers and build those connections. Writing can be lonely. Come make friends.

And … drumroll …

Reason number ONE you should go to 10MinCon – I’ll be there.

You should come.

Here’s where you can find the info:

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