The Secrets Love Kept

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She thought she was in love. He showed her what love meant.

Only eighteen, Gertie Johnson is terrified of defying her parents, but when a friend is murdered and the wrong person is blamed, Gertie makes an impulsive decision she hopes she won’t regret. Confronted with the reality that life and love don’t work out as planned, she’s left with one person to trust—Sam Crawford.

Sam doesn’t care what her parents or the townspeople think. His goal is to protect Gertie and her reputation. She may never love him, but being married to her is a consolation prize he’ll gladly accept.

She learns about love from the man who demonstrates it daily. Thankful that love didn’t work out the way she planned, she prays the war won’t take Sam away from her . . . forever.


Step back in time to 1940 and experience an unforgettable romance. For those who loved Gram in the Hill Country Secrets series, read how her story began.

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