More Than a Blind Date

Illustrated Couple on aqua background with title More Than a Blind Date

Coming July 30th

I need a fake fiancé for the next six months. That shouldn’t be too hard to find, right?

Hopefully my blind date is in a good mood because I’m about to put my desperation on full display by asking him to pose as my fiancé for six months.

The cute cowboy not only agrees to my crazy plan to get my family to leave me alone until my brother’s wedding, but he’s also so good at playing the part, going above and beyond, that it makes even me believe this whole charade is real.

When he turns all protective, I start to wish we weren’t pretending. But fake or not, Dallas makes me feel brave enough to stand up for myself.

During the six months, the lines blur and as the end of our agreement approaches, I’m not sure we’re pretending anymore. And now that I’ve grown a spine, I’m brave enough to admit I want the real thing with him.

But after the wedding, Dallas acts like our deal is done and walks away, dragging my happily-ever-after along with him. If he can’t trust me enough to talk about what changed his mind, then we aren’t meant to be.

Except I think we are. Nobody’s that good at faking love.