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Remi Carrington

One Choice I'd Never Make

One Choice I'd Never Make

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Never Date a Guy When Your World is Falling Apart

Being an only child has its perks . . . and its disadvantages. My parents want the best for me. That I get. But they also want to dictate my life.
Not gonna happen.
They want me to move back home, but I like living three hours away. Then I meet the perfect guy.
He’s another reason not to leave my small town.
My parents don’t like that I’m not moving—they don’t know about the guy—and demand their stuff back . . . everything they’ve bought me. What am I supposed to do underemployed and without a car? I can’t ask my boyfriend to save me from that.
But I’ll do anything to figure out life on my own terms. Even if it means working on a goat farm.Once I establish my independence, I introduce Harper to my parents. They hate every choice I make, but I think they’ll love him.
I’m not sure what I’ll do if they don’t.

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