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Pamela Humphrey

Just Me

Just Me

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To him, age doesn’t matter. But she thinks a man his age can’t possibly be interested in an older woman.
After six years as a widow, romance writer Remi Carrington starts a new chapter by moving to Texas. Living near friends brings new joy, and her dating life has never been more exciting. Everything seems perfect until she finds herself attracted to her much-younger friend and muse.
Art Perales has carried a flame for Remi since the first day they met. Frequent phone calls and long conversations over margaritas fuel his hope even though she’s dating other men. Then she lets down her guard, and he sees a spark. Risking the friendship, he tells her how he feels, and for a few seconds, a happily-ever-after seems possible … until she runs out of her own apartment, leaving her margarita and Art behind.
By telling Art the truth, Remi risks getting her heart trampled. But saying nothing guarantees losing him.


  • Reverse Age Gap
  • Woman over 40
  • Friends to Lovers

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