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Remi Carrington

Three Rules I'd Never Break

Three Rules I'd Never Break

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How can a good guy make me want to break all my rules?

I have three rules. One I learned as a child, and the others I learned running my lingerie store. But even following my rules, I can’t seem to meet the right kinds of guys. I only attract bad boys, and I’m sick of it.

When the gorgeous but incredibly shy deputy has me inadvertently breaking rule 1, I change my dating strategy. If bad boys seek me out, maybe it’s time I set my sights on a good guy. And, yes, the deputy with dazzling green eyes and heart-melting smile qualifies. As for the rule-breaking, it was a one-time thing.

Eli barely speaks to me, but I’m up to the challenge.

Then I break another rule for him and start to question my assumption about good guys.

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