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Remi Carrington

Loving Livvy

Loving Livvy

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He’d give all the money in the world to win her heart . . .

Tired of playing the corporate game and acting like someone he isn’t, Tanner relishes the day Livvy shows up in his life. Around her, he doesn’t have to pretend. She’s exactly what he needs.
So when she slips away without a goodbye, he’s heartbroken.

Livvy thinks Tanner is the perfect except for one thing. He’s a billionaire. That’s a deal breaker. Even though she’s homeless, she won’t be a charity case. But when she learns his sister needs a live-in cook, Livvy jumps at the opportunity.
She plans to just avoid him. One problem: he lives next door.

When Tanner finds Livvy, he asks for one thing. A chance. Will he have to give up everything to get it?


  • Billionaire
  • Stranded together
  • Neighbor
  • Family

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