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Pamela Humphrey

Just You

Just You

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Dating at any age is complicated. Dating at the office is worse.
Navigating big life changes, Mari Gonzales appreciates two constants—her friends and a job she loves. After working with Travis Bentley for seven years, they are friends as much as coworkers, but only at the office. When she offers to help his daughter with her summer wedding that changes things. Outside the office, Mari discovers the man is irresistible.
Travis Bentley looks forward to Monday mornings but reins in his attraction. Dating his personal assistant would make the legal team twitchy, and in his sixties, sneaking around isn’t his idea of a relationship. Asking Mari to give up her job is out of the question.
Travis has a decision to make. And Mari? She must choose between what she has—and what she craves.


  • Later in LIfe
  • Workplace Romance

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