Option D - Remi's Books Chronologically

These are in chronological order based on the start of the books. Many of them overlap each other.

Christmas Love

Three Things I’d Never Do

One Guy I’d Never Date

More Than a Little Flirting

Wrangled by Lilith

Christmas Sparkle

More Than a Pair of Jeans

Two Words I’d Never Say Again

Christmas Surprise

More Than a Pretty Face

Enchanted by Joji

One Choice I’d Never Make

Three Rules I’d Never Break

Helped by Ava

More Than Falling in Love

Two Risks I’d Never Take Again

Inspired by Mindy

One Whopper of a Love Story

More Than a Silly Crush

Captivated by Steph

More Than a Good Friend

More Than an Ex-Girlfriend

More Than a Helping Hand

Surviving Christmas

Loved by Tandy

More Than a Blind Date