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Remi Carrington

Inspired by Mindy

Inspired by Mindy

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A great new job, a gorgeous new place to live, and the most frustrating landlord in the world. I guess I can’t have everything I want.

The Cowboy Chef has a reputation as a heartbreaker, but that doesn’t stop my heart from going pitter-patter whenever he’s around. It’s not because I’m over forty and single. There are other reasons.

But I’m not going to risk opening my heart to a man with his reputation. Any man for that matter.

Then I end up living across the driveway from him, and he calls a truce. Being nice to each other only makes the heart-thumping worse.

He oozes charm like the sun gives off heat. But it’s clear he’s not interested.

When we’re stranded in a freak snowstorm, I snap and unleash a heap of brutal honesty.

His response catches me completely off guard. What do I do now?
Inspired by Mindy is a sweet, small-town romcom with lots of heart and a little sizzle.


  • Small Town
  • Chef
  • Off to a Bad Start
  • Next Door Neighbor / Landlord
  • Later in Life

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