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Remi Carrington

Stargazer Springs Ranch E-Book Bundle

Stargazer Springs Ranch E-Book Bundle

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Grab the Stargazer Springs Ranch series in 1 bundle!

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Wrangled by Lilith – A bitter divorcee wants to start over on her own, but when her car breaks down, a good-looking cowboy shows up to help. Anytime, they're together sparks fly, and half the time, it's hard to tell if they're flirting or fighting.

Enchanted by Joji – She's turning 50 and decides to put down roots by buying a goat farm. Problem is, she knows nothing about raising goats. Thankfully, a mentor was part of the sales agreement. But he's a bit of a grump. Handsome, though.

Helped by Ava – She ends up in an embarrassing scandal with the local Pastor. Lemon bars should not cause this kind of trouble. But when his job seems in jeopardy, she offers to help him . . . by marrying him.

Inspired by Mindy – Her neighbor is the locally popular Cowboy Chef. He's an amazing cook, but he has a reputation. She makes it clear that she's immune to his charms. So clear that he seems to hate her. And then they end up stranded together during a freak snowstorm.

Captivated by Steph – He's returning to see his best friend's widow. It's been five years since they last spoke, and time has done little to squelch his attraction to her. But she needs help, and he'll be there for her. Even if love isn't an option.

Loved by Tandy - She won't speak to him because of the way their relationship fell apart decades ago. He's a widower who works to rekindle a friendship. 


  • Wrangled by Lilith
  • Enchanted by Joji
  • Helped by Ava
  • Inspired by Mindy
  • Captivated by Steph

Wrangled by LIlith Synopsis

Holy hot flashes! This blue-eyed dream in a pair of Wranglers is the best-looking cowboy I’ve ever seen. Thankfully, I’m immune to his charms.
After nearly 25 years as a trophy wife, my cheating ex dumped me for a younger woman.
Now I’m starting over in a new place with a car, a piddly amount if money in the bank, and an exotic cat.
Oh, and a ten-foot pole to keep between me and any man, even the good-looking, boot-wearing Texan who swoops in to help me.
Yes, he makes me remember what it’s like to feel something. But my heart is too brittle for romance.
Every sassy comment I fling his way, he serves right back until I’m not sure if we’re arguing or flirting.
With him, I feel more alive than I have in years, but starting over means standing on my own two feet, not being swept off them.

Chapter One Look Inside

A noise behind me sparked hope. Maybe that truck was headed this way. Sure enough, that white pickup approached. Slowly, it continued past me, then brake lights glowed as it pulled to the side of the road.
I hurried forward as best I could, fully aware the remote setting made the scene the perfect opening for a horror movie. I just wouldn’t scream. It never ended well for the women who screamed.
The door swung open, and a boot met the dirt, followed by another. Great. All I need is a small-town, mansplaining hick lecturing me about cars and the dangers of traveling alone.
“Evening, ma’am.” He tipped his cowboy hat, revealing salt-and-pepper hair. “I’m guessin’ that’s your car back there.”
Oh, I was dealing with a smart one.
“Ya think?” I piled my stuff on the ground, giving my shoulders a much-needed rest. “It made a noise, then died. I don’t know what’s wrong with it.”
“Hop in. I’ll take a look.” He reached for the kitty carrier.
I stepped in front of him. “Maybe I don’t want to ride with a total stranger.”
Since we were in the middle of nowhere, if his intentions were to harm me, what would I do? It wasn’t like I could sic Princess on him. She was sleeping off her happy pill.
Laugh lines crinkled near his eyes. He lifted his hat and smoothed his hair. “Then don’t. I’ll meet you there.”
Younger than I would’ve guessed based on the silver in his hair, he could have modeled as a cowboy. Everything about him fit the part, down to his jeans, which were tight in all the right places.
He pulled away before I could change my mind.
I hoisted the bags back onto my shoulders, picked up the suitcase and the cat, and trudged back to my car. All this effort was not worth making a point.
What point? Was I trying to show him that I could manage on my own? Considering I was stranded in the sticks and needed his help, that point seemed weak.
I’d only succeeded in demonstrating how cranky I was.
After all that happened with my ex, men were unwelcome in my life. This tall handsome cowboy was no exception. But with limited options, I didn’t have the luxury of turning down help.
When I made it back to my car, he closed the hood as I caught my breath. He wiped his hands on his jeans. “Belt broke. A pretty easy fix.”
“Oh good. How long will it take you? I can pay you, but only a little.” Easy was a word I wanted to hear. There was still hope for my fresh start.
“Darlin’, I don’t have what I need to fix it.”
My anger flared, and I didn’t even try to hide it. “The name is Lilith. I am not your darlin’.”
“Yes, ma’am.” He seemed more amused than contrite, which irritated me. He glanced at the horizon where the sun was sinking low. “Where were you headed?”
“San Antonio.”
“This isn’t the road to San Antonio.” The man had the audacity to grin.
“I turned off the main road because—never mind all that.” I blew out a huff. “I decided to take pictures. I know this isn’t the road.”
“Seems like you’ve got a couple of options: stay out here or let me drive you the rest of the way.”
“What about my car?”
“It’s not like anyone can steal it.” He chuckled. “And I can’t fix it in the dark.”
His amusement reminded me of all the times my ex had dismissed me with a laugh. And I still didn’t know if I could trust this cowboy.
“I need my car.” I put my hands on my hips, wanting him to take me seriously.
“The sun is already setting. The car ain’t getting fixed in the dark, at least not by me. There might be a mobile mechanic you can call who will come out here in the dark and charge you an arm and a leg to put on a new belt.”
I wasn’t going to tell him I couldn’t afford that. “Then I don’t have much choice. I’ll ride with you.”
“My name’s Beau.” He stuck out his hand.
I didn’t shake it.
Nodding toward my bags, he asked, “May I carry those for you?”
“Yes, but I’ll grab the camera and the cat.” My body was still sore from lugging my stuff around.
He glanced at the carrier. “A what?”
“Furry creature that meows. A cat.”
“That’s what I thought you said.” He opened his tailgate and shoved my suitcase into the bed. “I guess that explains the . . .” He pointed at the scratches on my face and neck.
“Yes, but I don’t want to talk about it. Be careful with my laptop. And the rest of the stuff is in the trunk. The keys are . . .” I felt my pants, frustrated with my lack of pockets.
“Probably still in the car.” He shook his head as he reached inside and popped the trunk.
Texting a picture of his license plate to someone would probably be a good idea. But to whom? After years of marriage, cutting ties with my ex meant cutting ties with most of the people I’d called friends. Clearly, I’d been wrong for many years. They weren’t friends, not mine at least. Not a one of them hesitated to choose his side.
I opened the door. A bench seat? I hadn’t seen one of these in years. The carrier was too big to sit on the floorboard, so I shoved it to the middle of the seat.
“You might want these.” He dangled my keys. “Most people out here are trustworthy, but . . .” He shrugged. Then his gaze landed on the carrier. “The cat can sit by the door.”
“Seriously? What’s your problem? You don’t like cats?”
“Cats are fine . . . in a barn. I can put that thing in the bed if you’d prefer. It won’t tumble out.”
“Princess isn’t riding in the back.” I yanked her close to the door, buckled her carrier into place, then stomped around to the driver’s side.
This day could not get any worse.

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