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Pamela Humphrey

The Blue Rebozo

The Blue Rebozo

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Woven throughout the threads of a family heirloom is the story of Petra's family.

In 1874, Petra’s family struggled to scrape out a living sharecropping in Guadalupe County, Texas. When a much older neighbor proposed marriage, Petra accepted knowing that would ease the financial burden on her parents, if only a little. As her family grew, so did Petra’s affection for her husband.

Five years after marriage, Petra is well settled as a wife and mother. Then tragedy strikes. Amidst her grief, Petra clings to her family and others close to her. Finding comfort in memories of the past, Petra opens her heart.

Based in fact and wrapped in fiction, The Blue Rebozo tells the story of Petra’s life … and love?


  • Family
  • Storytelling

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