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The Ultimate Christmas E-Book Bundle

The Ultimate Christmas E-Book Bundle

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Christmas Love Synopsis

I accidentally kissed my boss.

But when I did, I didn't know he was my boss.

Now I have to see him every day. And my major attraction to the man makes it hard to work as his administrative assistant and adhere to the company’s strict no-dating policy. Violating that will put his job in jeopardy. Probably not mine because my dad owns the business.

I don't want to get him fired. But I would really love another kiss.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This is a funny, cute story. There is mistaken identity, a secret, & need for a Christmas miracle. I enjoy Ms. Carrington's style of writing. A great book to put you in the Christmas spirit. "

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This is a quick romantic treat - but still quite satisfying! You'd have to be a grinch not to enjoy it!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The story is funny from The beginning. Watching a drunk Martha trying to kiss-a Santa that she does not know and Owen so sweetly helping her. "

Get six books (4 from the Never Say Never series & 2 from the Bluebonnets & Billionaires series) that'll get you in the Christmas spirit AND a BONUS 🎁 Christmas pre-order. When Surviving Christmas releases later this month, it'll be delivered to your inbox.


  • Christmas Love
  • Christmas Sparkle
  • Christmas Surprise
  • Kissing Holly
  • Forgiving Amy
  • Two Risks I'd Never Take Again
  • BONUS Pre-order - Surviving Christmas

Chapter One Look Inside

Taking over as the new head of a department came with challenges. Besides learning names and personalities, there were office politics to consider. I’d managed people before, but never a whole department.
The company partner who hired me suggested I attend the department Christmas party. I figured that would be a good way to get to see a different side of the employees. And since no one at the party knew who I was, people would be relaxed and more themselves, rather than trying to impress the new boss.
A few minutes early, I walked through the venue until I located the ballroom. I slipped in through the open door in the back and surveyed the room. Holiday music blared from the speakers. An attractive woman walked beside the buffet table, checking a clipboard in her hand as she went. Her light brown hair danced on her shoulders as she moved her head back and forth. “Once Santa gets here, everything will be ready. I can’t believe he’s late. People will start showing up any time now.”
Another woman with short blonde hair handed over a glass of punch. “Martha, relax. Have another glass of punch. It all looks great. People will have fun. They always do.”
Martha? In my head, I ran through the list I’d received earlier in the day, which had the names of all the employees in the department. A Martha had been Bob’s personal assistant, which meant she was now my personal assistant.
“I’m glad we’re having the party earlier this year. Having it the first Saturday of December should give us better attendance.” Martha sipped the cranberry-colored beverage. “This is fantastic. So much better than last year.”
“That’s because I made it.” The second woman leaned in closer but didn’t lower her voice. “Did you hear the news? They let Bob go.”
Martha hugged the clipboard to her chest. “It’s so shocking.” She didn’t seem all that shocked.
“It happened yesterday afternoon. I’m guessing there will be an official announcement on Monday. I heard he was dating someone else in the department. Totally against company policy.” Liza flashed a wicked grin. “I have no idea how management found out.”
I had a pretty good idea. And now I knew to watch out for Liza. Not that I intended to date anyone within the department or even within the company.
Martha smoothed her red velvet skirt. She was much too young to be Mrs. Claus, but she gave festive a whole new meaning. Thoughts like that would get me fired before I made it to my first full day on the job.
She downed the rest of her punch. “Would you mind getting me another glass?”
“Sure.” That devilish grin plastered itself on Liza’s face again.
As Martha turned on the tree lights and continued marking items off her list, I popped a soft peppermint in my mouth and slipped out of the room. Once the party got into full swing, I’d make an appearance again, but I wasn’t ready to get caught standing in the corner. And Martha or Liza would spot me if I hung around any longer.
When I’d accepted the job, I’d been told all about Bob’s violation of company policy. What I hadn’t been told was who he’d been dating within the department. That last exchange made me curious about what Liza knew.
Standing near the back entrance of the venue, I crossed my arms, regretting my decision not to wear a coat or jacket. A jacket seemed too formal based on what the partner had said about the party, and I didn’t want to keep up with a coat. But the sweater I’d worn wasn’t warm enough for standing outside. Walking all the way to my car to get my coat out of the trunk seemed like too much effort.
After only twenty minutes outside, I pulled open the door and slammed right into Martha.
She grabbed my arm and huffed.
Immediately I understood Liza’s devilish grin. She’d spiked the punch.
Martha teetered and grabbed onto me with her other hand. “You’re late. Where’s your suit?”
Late for what?
“I don’t have a suit.” I hovered my hands near her waist, not wanting to touch her but ready to catch her if gravity pulled her down.
“Lucky for you, I keep a Santa suit in my trunk during this time of year. Just in case.” She spun around, then leaned back against me. Quiet for a second, she stayed with her back smashed against my chest.
Her mint-scented shampoo made me crave another peppermint.
I convinced myself that the only reason I remained still, my heart thumping against her back, was because if I moved, she’d fall. And I didn’t want that.
“I’m so nervous about impressing our new boss, I think I’ve made myself sick. Don’t tell anyone, but I think he’s planning to show up tonight. Arranging everything for this party was my job. And it’s important to me that it goes perfectly.” She tilted her head and looked up at me. “You’re a horrible Santa.”
Never before had I cared about how well I could imitate the jolly man in red, but now, I had a strong desire to be a great Santa. “Get me that suit.”

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