Reading Order

With the exception of the Hill Country Secrets trilogy, where all three books follow the same couple, you can read my books in any order.

My Pamela Humphrey books (with the exception of The Blue Rebozo) all take place in the same world. And reading them in order makes for a richer experience.

Remi was a character first and grew into a pen name. That is the link from my Pamela Humphrey books to my Remi books. All the Remi books share the same world. And there are a ton of character connections in my romcoms.

So you have lots of options when it comes to reading order. But choices can be hard. And if you don't want options, choose B.

Option A – For those who love both romantic suspense and sweet romance and you want to read everything I’ve written. 
Option B – Everything, but with the romcoms first. 
Option C – For those who want to read only Remi’s romances, grouped by series. 
Option D – Remi’s book chronologically 
Option E – Pamela’s book chronologically