Option C - Remi’s romances, grouped by series

Bluebonnets & Billionaires

Dating Nellie
Novella – Lattes & Lollipops
Loving Livvy
Charming Zoe
Forgiving Amy
Surprising Gemma
Romancing Paige
Convincing Kaci
Engaging Samantha
Novella – Kissing Holly


Never Say Never

Three Things I’d Never Do
One Guy I’d Never Date
Two Words I’d Never Say Again
Christmas Surprise
One Choice I’d Never Make
Three Rules I’d Never Break
Two Risks I’d Never Take Again
One Whopper of a Love Story
Christmas Love
Christmas Sparkle (This is about Adam's roommate, but I'd read this here)


Stargazer Springs Ranch

Wrangled by Lilith 
Enchanted by Joji 
Helped by Ava 
Inspired by Mindy 
Captivated by Steph 
Loved by Tandy 


Cowboys of Stargazer Springs

More Than a Little Flirting (a free Novella- contact me if you don’t have it) 
More Than a Pair of Jeans 
More Than a Pretty Face 
More Than Falling in Love 
More Than a Silly Crush 
More Than a Good Friend 
More Than an Ex-Girlfriend 
More Than a Helping Hand 
More Than a Blind Date (releases July 30, 2024) 


Rocking Double Heart Ranch

Surviving Christmas (the prequel to the Rocking Double Heart Ranch series)
and more to come in 2025