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Remi Carrington

More Than a Little Flirting

More Than a Little Flirting

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I know better than to date a flirtatious cowboy. But he keeps rescuing me, and I’m starting to like it.

Sutton’s first “rescue” embarrasses me, and I make sure that show-off knows I’m not the least bit interested.

When he “rescues” me a second time, my resolve not to go out with him wavers. Have I mentioned that he’s hotter than the asphalt on an August afternoon in Texas?

Of course I go out with him. And kiss him.

More than once.

Dating him is going so well I might even be falling in love.

But now he wants to upend his whole life to rescue me again. I can’t let him do that.

What if saying no puts the kibosh on any chance of a happily ever after?


  • Protective Cowboy
  • Small-town
  • Found Family

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